Loving Through Disorder


Today is the day I have been waiting for.  Today is the day I get to introduce you all to the most amazing man in the world – my husband – Ryan Hudson! This incredibly strong, courageous and tender-hearted man of God has been generous enough to share his experience of my eating disorder from the spouse’s perspective.

I cannot lie – just last night we held hands on the couch with tears in our eyes as we reflected on how far God has carried us. As we re-visited some of the darkest moments of my eating disorder, we were reminded of the soul-level scarring this disorder inflicted on us individually and on our marriage. We celebrate how greatly God has redeemed and restored us as individuals, and how he has touched our marriage in the years following this disorder.

I pray you will take time to read Ryan’s words, particularly if you are supporting someone with an eating disorder. I pray that his story helps to normalize your experience and breathe hope into your journey.

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10 Phrases to Not Say to Someone with an Eating Disorder

Walking in relationship with someone who stands in the grip of an eating disorder must feel like an impossibly delicate position.

Everyone experiences eating disorders differently. Everyone is triggered by different words and situations. What triggers me may not trigger someone you know with an Eating Disorder and vice versa.

It’s important to tune into the individual struggling and learn from careful observation, good questions, and genuine conversation to know exactly what words, phrases, and behaviors act as triggers for him or her.

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