Diagnosing a Nation

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” Matthew 6:25

Eating Disorders (ED) have become an epidemic.

In order to see the number of people suffering from EDs diminish, we must better understand the causes, the warning signs, the all-consuming nature, and dynamic evils at the core of EDs.

EDs have the highest mortality rate among mental illnesses.

Every 62 minutes at least one person dies as a direct result of an eating disorder. (1)

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10 Phrases to Not Say to Someone with an Eating Disorder

Walking in relationship with someone who stands in the grip of an eating disorder must feel like an impossibly delicate position.

Everyone experiences eating disorders differently. Everyone is triggered by different words and situations. What triggers me may not trigger someone you know with an Eating Disorder and vice versa.

It’s important to tune into the individual struggling and learn from careful observation, good questions, and genuine conversation to know exactly what words, phrases, and behaviors act as triggers for him or her.

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The Ordinary Changes The World



Writing throughout my journey of deliverance from my eating disorder and negative physical perception is incredibly sanctifying. I know one day I’ll look back with a posture of gratitude, seeing the intricate ways God met me and delivered me from layers of oppression and torment. This is a continual journey, though. From glory to glory, moment to moment, we are transformed.

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Hopeful and Broken

It was one of those mornings. The sun’s warm rays gently touched my face in the early hours, waking me up. I squirmed beneath the sheets and was, once again, incredibly aware of my thighs. The rolls of fat on my stomach. My round face.

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Mentioning the Unmentionable: the eating disorder.

*This was originally published anonymously in 2013 when I decided to share this journey in the blog world. Now, in 2016, I am sharing publicly to those I know and don’t know in hopes that it will provide a springboard of healing to those who find themselves on a similar path*

I want to begin by saying it’s hard for me to disclose this process. It sort of “goes against the grain” of society to reveal such brokenness before finding healing and breakthrough. I have found through experience that sometimes disclosing myself in process can compromise my qualifications to teach, to lead, and to contribute to community in the ways I feel called. Nonetheless, here I go…

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